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Jerusalem, city walls promenade  – beauty above and below

old city view

When visiting Jerusalem we don’t bother to plan ahead, its just not necessary, where ever we put our feet its an interesting, historical beautiful or surprising place.

This time we started our trip at a small parking lot in front of the mount Zion hotel (on Hebron road) and headed to the old city througth Hebron road. On the way we entered a small museum that holds the cable car that used to pass weapons across the valley to Zion mountain warriors in the days of Israel independence war.

the cable car

The museum tour raises dim memories of school history classes and a more up to date and amazing view of mount Zion.

We continue along the old city walls to Jaffa gate, and just before the gate a small sign leads us to the city walls promenade. After paying an entry fee we climb on the walls to the promenade that stretch from Jaffa gate to the western wall yard entrance.

"Yamin Moshe"

From above the walls we see an amazing scenery of “Yamin Moshe” neighborhood, the Armenian quarter, Dormitzion monastery and more.

tower of david

dormitzion arches

Wandering high above the old city houses allows a view of the houses small yards, and glances to the churche yards checkered with graves, wines and decorated windows. We devote special interest to the cars maneuvering througth the narrow passageways without any scratch or damaging the very close houses.



The promenade ends near the western wall and we head there for a prayer.

From there we march to the "David city national park", where after paying an entry fee we go underground for a tour inside the Shiloah aqueduct which is carved underground and reaches the village of Siluan.

siloha aqueduct

(Since we didn’t plan ahead we rented water proof sandals and flashlights at the park store).

The underground trip is fascinating and wet, and after an hours walk in the shallow water we amerged to the ground near a pool at the Siluan village. After a bit of wandering among the archeological diggs we headed back to the old city under the close eye of dozens of security cameras.

siluan village

At the end of a busy day, we step back at a slow paste along the same walls we have stepped above at the beginning of our day,  back to the mount Zion parking lot and back home… well at least until the next unplanned trip


trip summary : from Mount zion to the cable car museum, city walls promenade ,Siloah aquadoct and back.

difficulty        : medium -  the hot day and climbs are exhausting

month of trip  : may

conclusion     : A facsinating trip that streches in time from the near past to ancient times.

links: jerusalem municipality

key words:Jerusalm, city wall promenade, Siloah, Mount Zion cable car




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