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Ramat hanadiv – at the baron's expense

roses garden

April is the best month for flower hiking, and this time we choose an easy hike to Ramat hanadiv.
All the area is owned and is being maintained (very good and without an entry fee) by the family of the Rotchild baron, and his grave is found at the middle of an amazing flower garden.Around which are several hiking trails marked in the local hiker marks that is a bit different from the regular trails marking in Israel, but is very clear and comfortable.

trail marks

We got to Ramat hanadiv from Binyamina on rout 652 and after the "Ort" school we took a left turn to the gardens access way.

The place is well maintained and the parking is free…
We started our way on the red trail in front of the main gate to the gardens, and headed west to Akev ruins.

on the way to Akev

The trail, as expected by the season, is surrounded with flowers in various colors, and on arriving to Akev ruins a surprise deer is hoping on the trail and quickly runs away as he spotted us.

view from Akev

Akev ruins

Akev ruins are located on a cliff and have a panoramic view of the coastal plane from Hadera to Haifa, apparently even in ancient times people valued a good view…

view from Akev ruins

The ruin is well rebuild and filled with explanation signs and we wander in the archeological ruins and admire the flowers and the view.


After a quick snack we continue on the red trail along the cliff, descending from it and another climb back.

on the road

The last climb leads us to Cabara cave and there we choose the green trail that takes us back to the flower gardens. on the way we meet several deer’s that know the routine and quickly run away…

fountain in the gardens

The trail returns to the starting point and we take a little stroll througth the amazing flower gardens, and it’s all at the baron's expense!

flower gardens

in the flower gardens

trip summary : from the Nadiv gardens to Akev ruins, north along the height and back to the gardens.

difficulty        : easy.

month of trip  : April

conclusion     : A hike in amazing bloom with a great view on the coastal plane from Akev ruins.


key words: Nadiv gardens, Ramat Hanadiv, Akev ruins


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