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Israel South Trips

From Tamrur cliff to Ein Bokek On the hills above the hotels

So, a combination of a cold day and two cars, got us to the way going down from the mysterious place called "Tamrur cliff"  through Bokek stream, to Ein Bokek which is located a little bit east to the dead-sea hotels.

Wadi Rahaf – cisterns, dry falls and tristramies

End of spring, the temperatures starting to rise and soon the desert cool hiking season will be over and the summer furnace will come.
We catch the last day of the spring with reasonable temperatures and went hiking
from the Rahaf wadi cliffs up to Massada.


Hatira - Yamin  wadi the best the desert can offer

This year Passover brings besides of freedom spirit and good weather also guarding in the Negev parking lots in the courtesy of the local tourists association.
We take this opportunity to hike one of the most beautiful hikes that have lots of interest points – cisterns, dry waterfalls, observation points, giant rock cracks, and some challenge for this who fear from heights. 

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