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Acquaintance trips - Afek Park

Friday, 8 O'clock in the morning. We started our trip in Rosh Ha'Ain market - "Ramlle market". Cooked food and nice clothes are sold there for very cheap prices. How cheap you ask? There was an announcer who sold women shirts for 1 shekel each!!! The excitement was respectively. We hanged around the market for a while, until everyone arrived.

Rosh Ha'Ain market
I was very surprised to discover that even the teachers who demonstrated for their low salary were there. What do they have to do with the market? I have no idea.
We went out of there towards Afek park, or in its foreign name "Antipetris", which is located along 483 road, between Rosh Ha'Ain and Petach Tikva. This park is a nature preserve and therefore costs 23 Israely shekels to enter.

The place is beautiful and trim. We had some talking to know each other better until everyone arrived. The park has some beautiful grass and a lot of place for picnics. If you like dining in nature, this place is highly recommended for you.

We had to wait for a while, since Yakov took 3 girls with him, and lost his way (I wonder why...). Finally, After everyone arrived we had an acquaintance, everyone introduced themselves, and after that, we started a short walk towards "The Egyptian governor house". 

This place is called over the Egyptian governor who ruled the area on olden days. The fortress controlled an important ancient way, and therefore, some findings from different eras were discovered there. We met a group of children in the yard, who reproduced the wars between the crusaders and the Muslims.

The massive construction of these days which remained for thousands of years later is very impressive and can't be left unnoticed. The walls are thick and equipped with shooting slits from all directions. The governor house is located in the middle of the yard and is very magnificent in comparison to other buildings from these days.

It is allowed to enter every place around here, what a pity there is no guidance. I went in and walked around the house. I'm not an archeology expert, but the house is very big and looks very impressive.
We took some group photos next to the walls and kept going.

 Not everyone took pictures of course, some preferred to stay away from the sun. We went along to the pool of the Yarkon sources. There were lots of photographers with telescopic lenses on that day, who take photos of nature and birds - the place is plentiful with them. Like always, Murphy came to visit me on the most beautiful moment, and the batteries of my camera ran out, so I couldn't manage to take some more nature photos.

We went back to the starting point. The time was 12 O'clock already, so we decided that since its a little late, it would be much better to go back home instead of going to a coffee shop. We went away, tired but happy and already planning our next trip.



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