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Alexander River - from Ma'abarot to the Mediterranean Sea

עלה קמל

a wintry Friday gives a small amount of light hours for travel, and leads us towards a trip next to the house on Alexander river. A quick hitchhike with one of my family members to Kibbutz Ma'abarot's gate, going under the bridge, and suddenly, we find ourselves on the bank of Alexander river which flows strongly.

נחל לדוגמא

The foaming river water reveal the source of some of our dirty water, but the area is plenteous with duck, fish and birds with impressive wing spans, that shows that the pollution is pretty low around here.

ספסל בקטע לדוגמא

The first part of the trip, goes west (the rivers flows towards the sea) on the riverbank along a kilometer, amazingly trim. This section is a good example to the change a little money and a lot of good will can make.

The section is set with comfortable walking roads along the lake bank, and a little higher, which allows an easy trip, and good view on the birds here. A small metal bridge which crosses the river towards Ma'abarot gives a panoramic view of the river and a peek to the birds flying in our height.

After this nice section, the road continues on a paved narrow road, along the riverbank, between wide agricultural areas and orchards (who said there are none in the center of israel?), fun facilities for kids and benches for a rest which seem a little unsuitable in the middle of the park.


בלב הפרדסים

We continue with the road, 3 kilometers until we reach the well known turtles bridge. On weekends, the locals gather there and feed the turtles that live under the bridge. It looks like a massive construction effort was done on the southern riverbank and a great view tower was built there. But we leave the view for the next visit of the turtles, and continue down the river.

After a few hundreds of meters, we arrive to a banquet garden. A nice view balcony is built there watching to the river, but the continuation of the road is a little unclear...Some cyclists leads us to the path under the train bridge, then north, along the railroad, and after half a kilometer, left again, back to the riverbank.

נוף מגן הארועים

In this area, the river joins with another one, creating a wide water stream. North of us, there are some pastoral groves and blooming daffodils. Another kilometer down the river and a small park is revealed, to the feet of a hill and a ruined place on it. This is Samara ruins which is called over the Samara family which owned the area in the past. The hill is decorated with blooming in the colors of yellow, red and white, and from it, the view of the curve of the river is seen, the Mediterranean sea and a strange structure to the north, which was used in the past to raise snails for sale to the far east.


נוף מחורבת סמארה

We continue along the river, and after half a kilometer, we pass under a bridge which carries the heavy traffic of road number 2. We finally arrive the last section of the river, where it flows into the sea. An interesting phenomenon on this part, is the southern riverbank which is covered with sand dunes in contrast with the northern riverbank which is covered with gravel rocks. It seems like the southern winds on this area, and the sand which moves north, goes with the river to the sea and leaves the northern riverbank with the gravel rocks.

מצנחים בשפך הנחל

To finish the trip, we use our cellular phones, call home and ask for someone to come over and pick us, right on time for lunch. A trip close to home is indeed a good thing.


על הגדה
Trip summary - From kibbutz Ma'abarot to Alexander river, through a riverbank example, the turtles bridge, Samara ruins and the end of the river.
Difficulty level
- easy and flat.
Month of travel
- January
- An easy and fun trip, with a lot of interesting points. Problematic road markings after the turtles bridge but not too bad.
- Alexander river national park site Alexander river on Wikipedia Interesting sites along the river
- Alexander river, the turtles bridge, Samara ruins


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