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From Tamrur cliff to Ein Bokek On the hills above the hotels.

Bokek stream wadi and the hotels from Bokek waterfall

So, a combination of a cold day and two cars, got us to the way going down from the mysterious place called "Tamrur cliff"  through Bokek stream, to Ein Bokek which is located a little bit east to the dead-sea hotels.

We started our trip in the dead-sea hotels area. We left the modern car there, feeling it's safer around all the tourists, took my junk car and drove up road number 31 for about 65 km, there we found a dull sign which points to the green walking path towards Tamrur cliff. There is no organized parking next to the road, but the wide margins made of desert along the way serve a good replacement.

The green path faces from the asphalt road to the north, then it quickly curves northeast and moderately climbs on the local hills.

Going up to Tamrur cliff

After about a kilometer, we found ourselves on the head of the Shulhan mountain (Shulhan is a table in Hebrew, this mountain is flat and this fact gives him the look of a table). The mountain is totally flat and covered with a black mineral which gives him a slightly sooty look.

On the Tamrur cliff's head

The markings ended there, so we walked along the cliff to its eastern point, trying to find the rest of the path, and surprisingly, on that point, the cliff provides an amazing view on the whole dead-sea area, road number 31, and under us, the jeep road which is marked black on the trail map, between the low hills around us.

The view from the eastern point of Tamrur cliff

That amazing place welcomes a rest and a breakfast, and after this, we found the rest of the path on the north eastern part of the cliff.

The path goes down from the cliff to a rock extension and continues down between brown and gray hills that make some kind of a small labyrinth being navigated through by the path until the junction point with the black jeep road we saw from above.

After the rain

The junction point is set with lots of glass fragments, indicating that the vehicles that went through here suffered badly. We kept going on the green path, along vehicles stream.

Bokek stream wadi

The wadi ground on that area is made of notched rock, horizontally and vertically, and therefore it's a great place for an artistic photo. On the other hand, the next two kilometers of the wadi are pretty boring, so we passed them quickly. The path bypasses a small waterfall on its way, which serves a restaurant to the hungry travelers and also, a nice place to observe the geckos hiding between the waterfall cliffs.

A gecko in the small Bokek waterfall

The rest of the stream is mostly sandy, the the Kdumim view around us provides a lot of interest, and the rock shapes on hills around us make some imaginary figures that come and go with the change of the watching angle.

View around the upper Bokek stream

After two kilometers of walking, we arrived the head of Bokek waterfall, which is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing view points towards the dead-sea.

Bokek waterfall

From the head of the huge waterfall which is higher than 100 meters, a great panoramic view of the southern part of the dead-sea is seen, when just in front of us an amazing view of the dead-sea hotels, that look as if they just went out of a "sim city" game, show the beautiful architecture of the hotels, which is not always revealed to whom is watching them closely.

The hotels view from Bokek waterfall

After a long break of watching this amazing view, we proceed a little bit with the green path until we meet the red path, on it we turn south, up to Bokek hillside, but now is used as Bokek slope.

The dead-sea from the head of Bokek slope

The beginning of the way down runs along a rockfall of broken rocks who fell from he cliff in ancient times, but it quickly turns into an easy and wide walking road, which leads us quickly to the junction point with the black path, we continue on it to Ein Bokek.

The rockfall up Bokek slope

The beginning of the black path is easy for walking, but fast enough is becomes steep and forces a slow and careful walk, upon the arrival to the wadi, there are several stairs that were made in the rock, which allow going down over a great bolder towards to wadi which goes straight to the dead-sea.

Bokek waterfall around Ein Bokek

Walking down the wadi was easy, and accompanied by a series of small refreshing waterfalls. We quickly went back to the
hotels area to get our cars back, and from there - back home.

Almost done - Where does the name "Tamrur cliff" come from? a quick surf on the internet discovers that a remarkable
sign which was placed on the cliff in the past, gave it its name. we thank the John Doe who put the sign there and aroused our
interest to go to this trip.
We are already planning the next trip, to places with a fascinating names.

Trip summary - Tamrur cliff, through Bokek waterfall to Ein Bokek (Bokek spring)
Difficulty level - Difficult - a long and steep way, down Bokek hillside.
Month of travel - November
Summary - An amazing trip in Kdumim view, holds some beautiful attractive points - Bokek cliff and waterfall.
Links - The path on Tiuli website The path from the travel management

Key words - Tamrur cliff, Bokek waterfall, Bokek stream, Ein Bokek, Bokek spring, Bokek hillside, dead-sea hotels, desert hills.


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